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Once your customers sign up to receive your lead magnet, it's important to keep them engaged. You can do this by sending them a series of nurturing emails through your email autoresponder which is a tool that enables you to send emails at predetermined intervals.

Build Trust with an Effective Email Autoresponder Series

Email autoresponders are fantastic tools for sales funnel success. Unlike broadcast emails – where you must individually create an email each time you want to send something out – the nurturing email autoresponder is essentially a pre-set email program.

You start by creating the messages. Every customer who signs up goes through the same series, whether they sign up the day after you upload your messages or five years later.

How Companies Use Email Autoresponders

Most companies use their autoresponders to deliver a pre-scheduled series of emails to people who sign up to their email list. This method is effective because the customers must open each email to get the next bit of information.

Other companies use autoresponders as a sales technique to convert suspects to prospects. You know the customer is curious about your product or services because they downloaded the lead magnet. You then use the emails in the series to build trust by offering additional valuable information in each email. You might even offer special discounts on your products to see if you can get a few quick sales.

More complex autoresponder tools are also capable of instantly segmenting your email list. For instance, you can set it up to send certain emails to customers who have never bought from you before and a different set of emails to ones who have. This enables you to better target your messages to each customer.

You Need a Strong Transformational Message

Too many companies get customers to sign up for their lists load up their autoresponder series, and then never see the big boost in sales they were banking on. In many cases customers barely even open their emails.

Clearly, these companies are doing it wrong. Many of them don't have a transformational story that is going to lead their customers through their unique customer journey ultimately to make the purchase. They are sending out the wrong messages.

Don't Just Set and Forget

While the big allure of creating an email autoresponder series is the ability to do the work one time and then reap the benefits as sales roll in, you do not really want to forget about it. It is important to periodically review your email content across all segments. Sometimes, information becomes outdated. Sometimes, you find that your old methods simply are not working anymore. Sometimes, your customer base and products change.

No matter what the reason, your email autoresponder series should get regular updates.

Through reliable testing, you can pinpoint the most effective marketing techniques to use with your customer base. 

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