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An Entry Point Offer (EPO) is an irresistible offer that exists for one reason and one reason only: To convert prospects into buyers. Typically, an EPO is a super low-ticket offer (usually between $1 and $20), although this can depend on your market. In markets selling high-ticket products and services, an EPO of $500 might be considered a low-ticket purchase.

The goal of the EPO is to fundamentally change the lead relationship from prospect to customer. The conversion of a prospect to a customer, even for $1, is magical. The key is to make an EPO that your leads are unable to resist.

The most common way to make the EPO irresistible is by selling it at cost and, in some cases, at a loss to you. That’s correct—you aren’t trying to make a living from selling EPOs. You’re trying to acquire buyers.

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