Funnel Consulting Programs

Ideal Client Persona

Identifying your business’s ideal client persona is critical to defining your value proposition, building a successful website, and acquiring new clients.

Technology Integration

How much time are you wasting on ineffective marketing simply because you don't have the right tech integration? Learning how to get all..

Page Traffic Management

Are you missing the mark with paid traffic for your business, or not even sure how to get started in the first place? Discover the benefits of paid traffic management.

Entry Point Offer

The goal of the EPO is to fundamentally change the relationship from prospect to customer. The conversion of a prospect to a customer, even for $1, is magical.

Core Product

The next step in your funnel is to sell these people a higher-priced product, which we call your Core Offer. And this is where you’ll start to make some money! 

Profit Maximizer

A Profit Maximizer is any offer made after the initial sale. They’re called Profit Maximizers because the revenue you get from these sales will be much more...

Return Path

The goal of the Return Path is to have frequent, strategic communication with your buyers and prospects that cause them to buy again and again.

Sales Funnel Framework

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