The Awareness Stage

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During this first stage, the prospect is just learning of your brand and what you have to offer. They may know that they have a problem or a need, but they aren’t yet aware of what the specific solution is, or that you have that solution.

Awareness Goal : Aside from capturing their email address, the goal at the Awareness stage is to move the prospect from Awareness to Consideration by introducing them to your brand, making them aware of the solution to their problem, and introducing them to your solution. 

Awareness Content : The best types of Awareness stage content are blog posts (or other un-gated, educational content) that answer questions about the problem they are currently having. This content will draw Awareness-phase prospects to your website, where you can then convert them into email leads.

Awareness Lead Magnets : Of course, you still need to capture their email address, and the best way to do that is with a lead magnet. Good lead magnets for the Awareness stage will provide some educational content that helps the prospect understand the solution to their problem. Some good types of lead magnets for the Awareness phase include eBooks, checklists, videos, and tutorials.

Remember : Awareness-stage prospects don’t know you very well yet. In fact, they didn’t even know you existed just a few moments ago. So you’ll want to use the most courteous opt-in forms possible when asking them to join your email list.

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