The Consideration Stage

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At the Consideration stage, your prospect understands the solution to their problem and is aware of your brand/offer. However, they are still evaluating their options (and likely looking at your competitors).

Consideration Goal : Aside from capturing their email, the goal is to move the prospect from Consideration to Decision by giving them a quick win that proves you're the authority they need to pay attention to. You may also have the goal of acquiring initial customers during this stage.

Consideration Content : Good types of content to use at the Consideration stage are useful blog posts and lead magnets that offer a quick win. Also consider optimizing other pages on your site that Consideration-stage prospects might visit, such as your About page and Start Here page.

Consideration Lead Magnets  : While some prospects in the Consideration stage have already opted in to your email list, you will also have some who are following you but have not yet opted in. The best lead magnets for capturing these prospects are eBooks, checklists, cheat sheets, templates, quizzes, and workbooks.

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