The Decision Stage

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At the Decision stage, your prospect is aware that your product provides the solution they seek, but they haven’t quite pulled the trigger on buying yet.

Decision Goal :  Aside from capturing any leads who haven’t yet opted in to your email list, your goal at this stage is to maximize immediate customer value. You’ll do this by helping them overcome any objections to the sale, and giving them the extra nudge they need to buy right now. You may also have the goal of retaining existing customers and increasing buyer frequency/boosting decisions on your cross-sells and upsells.

Decision Content : The best types of content to use in the Decision stage provide proof that your product will solve their problem, and that it’s better than your competitors. It should also overcome any objections to the sale. Case studies, testimonials, comparison charts, a feature page, product overview pages, and even your pricing page are perfect content.

Decision Lead Magnets : Good lead magnets at the Decision stage include consultations, case studies, customer reviews, coupons, free trials, free quotes, and free catalogs.

Sales Funnel Framework

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